Heroes of Karn (ZX Spectrum)

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Heroes of Karn (ZX Spectrum)

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In the hall of His Majesty Callastheon, Emperor of the Seven Lands, Lord of Karn, the feasting was over. On fur-draped benches around the roaring fire, the nobles of Karn awaited the entertainers. Daeron the Wise, minstrel of Karn, walked slowly across the hall. Today, Karn was the hub of a rich and mighty empire, but, Callastheon recalled, it has not always been so. For long ago, in the days before the Cyrennic dynasty came to power, the forces of good and evil fought in Karn, and the deeds of that time were still remembered at the Feast of the Midwinter Moon.

Interceptor Micros Software 1984


-- Baltasar

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