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Lunar Jetman (ZX Spectrum)

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I can t hold her... She s breaking up... She s breaking up!!... CRACKLE...

After Jetman s poorly assembled multi-stage rocket started to disintegrate in warp space, he manages to crash land on a strange undiscovered world, inhabited by hundreds of restless aliens intent on the total destruction of the planet Earth.

Desperate to regain the lost minerals, the aliens initialise their ancient attack mechanisms. All around, huge missile installations erupt from deep within the bounds of the planet, surrounded by their own strategic defence stations.
Their huge linoleum shelled missiles glisten in the distant sunlight as the multitronic warheads auto-arm and poise for attack.

With no hope of help from the nearby and unaware Earth, JETMAN has to destroy all of the installations single-handed before the imminent destruction of his home planet. Using only his Hyperglide Moon Rover to carry the strange equipment and supply Bridging units, with any other equipment he can find to complete his mission.

Pity he can t find the operation manuals!

Ultimate Play The Game 1983.

Publicado en el año 1983 por Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd. (Ultimate Play the Game). También ha sido incluido en varias recopilaciones como 10 Titles for the Spectrum Plus (Boots), The Collected Works (Ultimate Play the Game), Kidsplay (Activision) y Stars Spectrum-Juegos Issue 05 (Stars). Distribuido para Spectrum, en cassette y cartucho ROM, y para BBC Micro.

Cinta de cassette

La carátula desplegada

Pantalla de presentación (capturado con emulador)

El juego en ejecución (capturado con emulador)

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