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Pssst (ZX Spectrum 16K)

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Robbie the robot, sits in his garden, fetching the old bag of compost to help his prize Thyrgodian Megga Chrisanthodil grow. When suddenly, the whole garden is invaded by the most devilish, destructive insects you could imagine. But, Robbie is prepared!

Equipped with three spray cans of the latest insect repelling drops, smoke and streamers, Robbie bravely fights to keep all of the deadly garden pests at bay.

All he has to do is figure out which spray kills each insect outright, as the wrong spray will only stun them momentarily. If Robbie leaves his plant unattended the insects will swarm all over it, eat the leaves and the plant will wilt, shrivel back and die.

Little vermin. Leave my plant alone, Oy! My plant s dying. No! No! Nasty bugs sucking the life from my Thyrgodian Megga Chrisanthodil, making her shrink, wilt and die. I ll soon put a stop to their little game, quick Spray-O-This ll sort em out. There! Take that and that, Ha! Ha!
Mustn t die, mustn t die. It s got to flower, it must do. It said on the packet. "takes between two and five minutes to grow", it can t be much longer, won t be long now.

Why! you little... Quickly get the Super Space Slug Spray and then the Leech Laser. Quick, quick. They breed so fast, can t hold them back for long. Hurry! Hurry!.. Arrggg...

Ultimate Play The Game 1983.

Publicado en el año 1983 por Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd. (Ultimate Play the Game), y reeditado posteriormente por Sinclair Research Ltd, bajo la referencia G28/S. También ha sido incluido en varias recopilaciones como 10 Titles for the Spectrum Plus (Boots), Tus Juegos Single 3 (Monser S.A.) y The Collected Works (Ultimate Play the Game). Distribuido solo para Spectrum, en cassette y cartucho ROM.

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