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Tranz Am (ZX Spectrum 16K)

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The year is 3472 and all that remains on Earth are the remnants of a once great continent, a barren land, a desolate place of sand, rocks and boulders. But... life adapts quickly and brings with it a New Age, a time ruled by cars and trophies, a land where petrol replaces gold and esteem is possession of the 8 Great Cups of Ultimate.

Possessed for too long by the Deadly Black Turbos , the 8 cups remain hidden throughout the land, their strange inscriptions long since forgotten and their locations reverently protected. Your chance...A Super Blown Red Racer equipped with technology far advanced. A last chance with a weapon, whose power far surpasses any Black Turbo.

One press and the massive engine thunders into life, the shrill rumble from the exhausts and the hypnotic whirr beckon the Deadly Black Turbos. The noise reaches crescendo and in one sudden lurch the Red Racer spits forward across the land at incredible speed, in the last great battle of your life.

Use your skill to outwit and crash the Deadly Black Turbos and the instruments to locate and collect the 8 Great Cups of Ultimate before you run out of fuel.

Ultimate Play The Game 1983.

Publicado en el año 1983 por Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd. (Ultimate Play the Game), y reeditado posteriormente por Sinclair Research Ltd, bajo la referencia G29/S, aunque de dicha re-edición no existe ninguna copia localizada. También ha sido incluido en varias recopilaciones como 10 Titles for the Spectrum Plus (Boots) y The Collected Works (Ultimate Play the Game). Distribuido solo para Spectrum, en cassette y cartucho ROM.

Cinta de cassette

La carátula desplegada

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