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Entombed (Commodore 64)

Publicado: 15 Oct 2012, 18:42
(por Carpintero)


I could hardly belive it at first, but there before my very eyes was the key I had been searching for. The Eye of Osoris, yet there was something strange and unfamiliar about the symbol, something I had never seen in my travels throughout Egypt. It was as though the Eye had been here many thousands of years, before both the Sphinx under which it was positioned, and the great Pyramids ever existed. As I intensely examined the Eye, it became clear that it was not made of an Earthly substance and therefore confirmed my theory of its extra-terrestial origins. Whilst I pondered over my astounding find, I suddenly became aware of a low pitched humming sound which appeared to come from beneath the vey ground.

Ultimate Play the Game 1984.


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