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Mensajepor chernandezba » 21 Sep 2018, 19:17


Hay una nueva versión estable de ZEsarUX, la 7.1!
Este próximo día 24 hará 5 años que subí la primera versión de ZEsarUX :) Por tanto esta es una edición especial de aniversario.
Si, aún faltan 3 días, pero he querido subirla antes, así tenéis el fin de semana para disfrutarla!

Para descargarla, como siempre, id a la parte de descargas del proyecto en GitHub:


Hay versiones binarias compiladas para:
-Raspberry Pi

Y por supuesto también el código fuente para aquellos que se lo quieran compilar por ellos mismos.
No olvidéis tampoco el paquete de extras, con montones de juegos, demos, programas y documentación.

La lista de cambios es la siguiente:

Added ACB/ABC/BAC/Custom AY Stereo emulation
Added joystick action to change emulated joystick type: Sinclair, Kempston, etc
Added Basic viewer for .bas basic files (plain ascii or Basic Spectrum data with tokens), .baszx80 (Basic ZX80 with tokens), .baszx81 (Basic ZX81 with tokens), Z88 basic files with tokens
Added Sped format file viewer
Added ZXUno DMA emulation. Added some dma demos to zxuno.mmc image
Added TBBlue/DataGear/MB02 DMA emulation
Added TBBlue Multiface emulation
Added TBBlue Debug menu: Sprite navigator, Video layers, Video info
Added setting to deny turbo mode on TBBlue, useful on slow machines
Added Beeper Piano Menu
Added new Z80 TBBlue opcodes and deleted obsolete ones
Added setting to change Kempston Mouse sensitivity
Added menu item to create autoconfig files (.config)
Added setting --random-r-register to generate random value for R register on every cold start, instead of the normal 0 value. Useful to avoid same R register in the start of games, when they use that register as a random value
Added OSD Adventure Text Keyboard, useful for having typical words on Adventure Text Games (and of course any other kind of games and programs)
Added tool to export vocabulary from a PAWS/QUILL/GAC game to a list of words in the OSD Adventure Text Keyboard
Added new versions of my Sped compiler:
*Sped52en: English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52. In Sped format
*Sped53: Fixed bug from Sped52 (object code was always saved from 49152), based on Sped52. Spanish Version. In Sped format
*Sped53en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation + minor changes in Spanish version by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en and Sped53. English and Spanish Version. In Sped format
*Sped54en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en, Sped53 and Sped54en. English Version. In plain text format
Sped53en is also included in the Spectrum Next by default :)

Improved debugger:
*Now you can use every register, variable, number on any position of a condition (left, right), so the following breakpoint conditions are now valid:
*Optimized debugger so common conditions like PC=X, MRA=X or MWA=X use lots of less cpu than before
*Added new kind of breakpoints, "memory breakpoints", which behave like MRA and MWA conditions but a lot faster than them
*Added bitwise operators AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^) when using registers/variables breakpoints/watches
*Breakpoints actions do not reset keyboard
*New pseudo variables:
**OUTFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an OUT operation
**INFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an IN operation
**INTFIRED: returns 1 when an interrupt has been generated

Improved hexdump menu (called now "Hexadecimal Editor"): now you can edit memory and copy zones of memory
Improved my Cursor Draw program: now you can use kempston mouse. Load cursordr_mouse.tap instead of cursordr.tap
Improved file converter: tzx to tap, tap to tzx
Improved TBBlue video display cpu usage: 3% less cpu in my machine, on a compilation without optimization (O2)

Improved menu:
* menu windows: now can have more lines than 22, doing scroll
* now you can write any ascii character on the menu
* added support to show some unicode (utf8) characters on menu
* now you can use binary numbers on expressions (suffix %)
* you can now scroll with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector menus, by clicking the right progress symbol (*) or the arrows
* now you can move cursor up/down with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector by clicking new arrow buttons
* new file expander on file selector menu, using space key, for the following file types : .tap, .tzx, .dsk, .trd, .mdf, .hdf, .P, .O, Z88 Cards (.epr, .eprom, .flash)

Improved native snapshot format (ZSF):
* Added divmmc/divide state save

Fixed autoload tape on TBBlue
Fixed bug when smartload and selecting an unknown file type: if you cancel it, the inserted tape was modified
Fixed bug reading extension on files with no extension
Fixed bug reading AY registers: unused bits for registers are set to 0

Fixed bugs on esxdos handler:
*readdir call was incrementing PC register when there were no more files
*added ESXDOS_MODE_CREAT_TRUNC mode when opening files
*BCDE was not returning from a f_seek call
*fixed mode OPEN_CREAT|WRITE which has appending data after a seek instead of overwriting
*added f_stat,f_unlink,f_rename,m_drive_info,f_sync calls
*fixed loading help screen on esxdos nmi handler
*fixed loading esxdos files with plus3dos header

Fixed Multiface Three emulation
Fixed text viewer, hex viewer showing some special characters ~ | ^

Updated to the last Next SD image TBBLUE V.1.0 "GOLD EDITION"

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Espero que os guste!


ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX

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